Blacksmith, Blacklight, Blackweather

Blacksmith, Blacklight, Blackweather

TODAY’S FORECAST: Rain, Rain, maaaaybe sun, Rain…

It was a bit more difficult to wake up this morning after our episode of man versus wild but we managed to scarf down a quick breakfast and head out to the neighbourhood blacksmith. This man was the great, great, great, great grandson of the man who started it in 1602 and still keeps the tradition alive. Who wants Baumarkt when you can have Anton Netzer making your weapons. This place was filled with iron, machines and plenty of dirt, which managed to get on a few of your children.

Lunch was followed by killer activities (which sometimes means really cool in English) such as table tennis, black stories, werwolf, roping and blacklight fun. B-E-A-Uuutiful! Our after dinner English lesson was a flashback from yesterday with a vocabulary check using that fantastic Magic Flute script. This activity was torture for some and a delight for the others as their little minds were waking up to the world of bird cages, thunder, orbes, committees and trespassers.

The night ended with a blacklight art exhibit and for some a shower, after which the exhaustion of the last two days knocked them out cold.

Well at least we thought it would end like that but the three ladies took J1 out for a nightwalk at 1 am in the pouring rain. While singing songs, dancing in the rain and running through the dark on the football field and in the woods we got absolutely soaked. But it was a lifetime experience and the most funniest moment of that day.

TOMORROW’S FORECAST: You don’t want to know but thank you for Deutsche Bahn!!