The magic of even more water

There was evening and there was morning, a sixth day (Genesis 1:31)… another rainy day. Actually we were going for a long hike called Carl-Hirnbein-Erlebnisweg but there was so much water falling down that we decided to put even more water on our schedule. We didn’t take any photos inside but you can get a nice impression of our water experience, just click:
After we got out of the water, we dove into town so your kids could spend your hard earned money on candy, but we hope that some of them bought you a souvenir. They say Kempten is Germany’s oldest town. We say it’s Trier. Nobody knows that for sure, but what is sure, we got soaked having some free time there..
Once back and somewhat dry, we attempted to put together scenes from our favorite story, The Magic Flute. Since the kids had to pick their parts out of a hat and couldn’t choose if they were male roles or female, it made for a very entertaining evening… at least for the adults. They ran their lines until it was time to get ready for bed and now they are quietly watching a movie or spending some downtime in their rooms. Maybe they are practicing their lines for the performance tomorrow… let’s see what happens come show time. 🙂
PS. Although we got there on the bus, we thank you for Deutsche Bahn!